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This widget allows users to integrate Lottie animations into their applications, to personalise and create unique designs.

To incorporate a Lottie Animation into your project:

  1. Drag and drop the Lottie Animation Widget onto your desired screen from the widget picker.

  2. Customize the animation properties in the details panel.

Here are the properties of the Lottie widget:

  • Source: Select the source of your animation, it can be from a path or from the assets.

  • Boomerang: Toggle to make the animation play forward and then backward in a continuous loop.

  • Type: Select "Loop" and he animation will play continuously. Select "Once": the animation will play only once.

  • Fit: "Cover": Scale the animation to cover the entire space. "Contain": Scale the animation to fit within the space while maintaining its aspect ratio.

Lottie is an open-source animation library, allowing developers to easily integrate high-quality, interactive animations into their applications. It simplifies the animation process by using JSON files created in Adobe After Effects, providing a platform-agnostic format for consistent and efficient animation across various frameworks and platforms.