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Welcome to the future of building apps!

What is Nowa? πŸ’‘β€‹

Nowa is a platform that helps you create world-class Flutter apps at least 10x faster and easier.

With a new visual workflow that revolutionizes the way you build professional apps, you will become more creative, spend all your energy on things that actually matter, and cut off all redundant, repetitive, and unnecessary work that takes your energy and creativity away. In the end, you will be able to build even more awesome apps that you will be proud of more efficiently and with much more joy.

Flutter is great, but it can get very time-consuming or complicated, especially for writing UI code. Nowa here to change that!

Nowa creates for you the space where your ideas float smoothly from your brain to your project. With Nowa you will enjoy an unlimited freedom that never existed in an app-building platform ever! with tools that are built in a unique way to enable you to extract your potential.

Resources πŸ“‚β€‹

  • Subscribe to Nowa's youtube channel where you will have access to awesome tutorials.
  • Join our discord server so you can be in direct contact with Nowa's team and other users.