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Discover the latest features and enhancements for each version of Nowa. For more details, check the changelogs

1.7.0 (28 June 2024)​

We released a new way to deal with files. It's now easier than ever to navigate between the different parts of your project in one place!

New βœ¨β€‹

A complete new Files panel: Everything now is organised in files, from the screens and components, to API calls and Firebase queries, to objects and even boards. Read more here

  • Access the new files panel by clicking on "Files" tab next to the Outline on the left
  • Drag and drop files to the board to edit their UI
  • Click on any files to open it's editor. API files will opened in theit API editor, Screen/components file will be opened inside Circuit, etc.
  • Click on + next to lib to create new component, object, global state, etc
  • Click on + next to boards to create a new board (or from the tabs)
  • Ctrl/CMD + O to open files panel to search and open files and boards quickly!

Enhancements πŸ‘€β€‹

Nowa Error system got more POWER now: The error system in able to detect more erros for now. For example, the error system will notify you if you are using a variable that was deleted in a widget

Learning resources πŸ“œβ€‹

1.6.1 (31 May 2024)​

You can now build fully customized AudioPlayer inside your app! We also introducing pre-built components, checking current platform with other improvements and bug fixing!

New βœ¨β€‹

  • Build a fully customized AudioPlayer: It’s time for you to build a fully customized Audio player for your app! There’s multiple ways to so:

    • Use a full Screen template: you will find AudioPlayerPage screen that has a full Audio player screen already built-in.

    • Use the pre-built Audio player component: we have introduced a new tab inside the Screen panel called Components. Inside, you will have already-built components such as a newAudioPlayer component.

    • Build it fully from scratch: with using widgets as the Slider and creating a variable of type AudioPlayerComponent, you can build all the details from scratch. We will release later a tutorial on how to do that but you can already figure it out by looking into the already-built version

  • New Pre-built components: Inside Screens panel, you will find a new tab called Components that has new pre-built components to import to your project. For now, we introduced AudioPlayer and Google sign in button components. When you click on one of them, Nowa will add that component to your project (it will create a new file in your project for that component. You will be able to reuse it later by heading to Components tab in the widget picker, which usually has your existing project components).

  • Checking current platform in Logic: If you want to build a condition according to what platform is your app running on, you can do that by using CheckPlatform node in Circuit under Globals section. It will return a boolean value wether the app running on the platform you asked for or not.

  • Control the visibility of widgets: Wrap any widget under Visibility wrapper to control wether to make it visible or not (you can also attach a logic to the visible property to calculate wether to keep that widget visible or not).

1.6 (20 May 2024)​

A big upgrade on Firestore is here! you can now use Firestore full power in building advanced queries and using Streams next to Futures! Also with this release, you can use SharedPrefrence to save data locally.

New βœ¨β€‹

  • A big upgrade on Firestore integration: we just made it super powerful! You can create collections and subcollections, build advanced queries, test queries quickly before implementing it, and even live updating with Streams! (Full tutorial will be released soon)

  • Store data locally with Shared Preferences: you can now store and fetch variables saved locally in the device. You will find (set, get and clear) nodes in Circuit under Shared Preferences section.

  • Different types of Navigation methods: We upgraded the navigation system to support multiple methods such as push, pushReplacement, pop and pushandremoveuntil. This is useful in cases such as Login screens or Splash screen when you don't want users to be able to go back to those screens after passing them. To use it, you will find a new node called Navigator in Circuit.

  • Image picker: You can now use Image pickerobject in Circuit to enable users to pick images from their gallery or camera.

  • Import API from Postman: if you using Postman already, you can import all requests from Postman to Nowa in a single click!

1.5.8 (2 May 2024)​

Now you can offer reset password πŸ“§, edit variables easy ✍️, with major bug fixing for deploying to IOS πŸ“²

New βœ¨β€‹

  • You can now offer "Reset password" in your app: When using Firebase Authentication and use email and password as a sign up option, you will be able now to send the user a reset password email automatically. You will find the node SendPasswordResetEmail under Firebase category in the menu after enabling Firebase Auth.

  • You can edit any variables linked to a widget property directly: By clicking on the variable itself in the details panel, then on Edit to change the name, default value, etc. No need to switch to the variables tab anymore.

1.5.5 (10 April 2024)​

You can add initState and dispose functions and restore last opened tabs ;)

New βœ¨β€‹

  • Ability to override initState and dispose: In Circuit, click on + button on the left side next to Functions, then choose initState or dispose to override them. For more, click here

  • Last opened tabs are restored: no more of opening your boards and tabs again! your last opened tabs will be restored when you reopen your project


Now you can offer videos in your app! Also, check out how to customize buttons UI the way you like ;)

New βœ¨β€‹

New documentation and tutorials πŸ“œβ€‹


New βœ¨β€‹

  • Adding status bar in the bottom

New documentation and tutorials πŸ“œβ€‹


New βœ¨β€‹

  • Firebase Firestore: You can now connect your app to Firestore, create collections, perform queries, and more! (tutorial is coming soon πŸ˜‰)

  • Error system: Errors are now shown in the bottom tab. If you click on one of them, it will take you to the error location so you can fix it. No more of finding errors while deploying!

  • New UI: We are changing the UI to a complete new one that will make building apps way easier and more exciting! we just released the first part of the new UI, with the rest coming on the way!


New βœ¨β€‹

  • Show unsaved files in the unsaved changes popup
  • Adding shrinkwrap option to HTML to make it's height dyanmic
  • Adding param option to Data builder API to pass dynamic values to to API GET requests
  • Add the option to create a parameter for properties using the details menue
  • New UI for the active plan and for comparison between plans
  • Add advanced options to gesture detector and inkwell


New βœ¨β€‹

  • Adding the option to creare Global state
  • Adding default text style wrapper and text directionality wrapper to give a style for all texts blow it
  • Adding Apk debug: to build an APK test version fast without signing key