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In this section, you will learn

1. What are boards and when do I need them?
2. How to create a new board
3. How to retrieve an old board

Understanding boards​

Boards are simply just design canvases where you can design and organize multiple screens and components in a single interface, without having to switch between different pages or screens.

Creating a new board​

To create a new board, simply click on the plus button located in the board tab. You will see a list of all the boards in the project with an option to create a new board. Click on the last option. Once created, the board will be saved in your assets and can be easily reopened from there.

Customizing your board:​

Your board is your playing field! Using the details panel, you can customize your board background color and show/hide the grid. This allows you to create a visually appealing workspace tailored to your design preferences.

Your board settings will be saved, therefore when you close it and open it again, your customization will be there. Also, each board has its customization, so you can customize a board without affecting the others.

How to use boards efficiently:​

To get the most value out of the boards, it's important to know what to keep in a single board and what to split into multiple boards. Try to include only the design elements that are related to each other and you need to work on them at the same time on a single board, otherwise, it's good to separate them into multiple boards to keep it clean and organized.

You don't want to have every design on a different board so you spend it switching, but also you don't want to have them all on a single board where it's just a mess.