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Gesture Detector

The "Gesture Detector" wrapper is a versatile tool that lets you add interactive elements to your app by detecting various types of taps and presses. When you use this widget, you can set it up so that different gestures perform different actions in your app. Here's how you can use its properties to make your app respond to touch:

  • On Tap: Use this property to define what happens when the widget is tapped once. Clicking on this property opens Circuit where you can visually create the logic for what happens next in your app, like navigating to another page or changing what's displayed.

  • On Secondary Tap: This property is triggered by a tap with a secondary button (like a right-click on a mouse). Setting this up also opens Circuit allowing you to visually set up a different action that happens for this kind of tap.

  • On Double Tap: When the widget is tapped twice in quick succession, this property comes into play. Clicking here opens Circuit to let you visually create the response to a double tap, such as zooming in on an image or starting a video.

  • On Long Press: This is used for actions that should happen after the widget is pressed and held for a moment. Like the other properties, clicking on this opens Circuit where you can visually decide what long pressing will do, like opening a menu or showing more information about an item.

By setting up these properties, you can make your app interactive and intuitive, providing a richer experience for your users. In Circuit you can visually piece together the responses to these gestures, making it easy to design complex interactions without writing code.

Learn more about how to use circuit: [[Intro to Circuit]]