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Adding null

In this page you will see why you need to use null sometimes and how to do it

Why Null Variables are Needed​

Null variables are essential in handling properties of widgets like TextField, especially for properties that behave differently with empty fields. For example:

  • errorText in TextField: Initially null, but if text is added and then removed, errorText becomes an empty string instead of null. This keeps the error line visible. To disable the error line, set errorText back to null.

How to Add Null Variables​

In Details Panel​

  1. Right-Click on Property Field: Find the field you want to set to null.
  2. Select 'Set to Null': Right-click and choose 'Set to Null' from the menu.

In Circuit​

  1. Use a Node with Value Input: To set a null, the node should accept a `value`` input.
  2. Add Null Variable: Click the '+' next to the value input, select 'Null' under 'General', or search for 'null'.


null option won't appear except when clicking on '+' next to inputs that accept null